Saturday, 2 May 2009
I'm dissappointed.
of myself.

I've been studying fashion design for almost 2 years now and in 2 months time i'll be in my final year.

All of these times I've made my own collections, for womenswear,menswear, sportswear, and even childrenswear.

I like to draw. A LOT. Illustrating is a kind of my born-to-do thing, i think it's my forte...at least for now

but i've been flipping through my portfolio, and realized that my works don't represent me, my taste, what i'd wear, what i'd do, what people would say "now thatttt is so Michelle!".

It is not that i don't want to be flexible but I fear that i've been wasting my time on exploring too much of different styles, and ending up like now..I'm in my second year, my final graduation collection project starts in 2 months, and i'm still not sure of my own signature style.

Is it too early to decide to stick on a style at this point of time?

I had a chat with my lecturer who has only taught me for one year, he saw my previous works*which i think is my signature style,undeveloped* and he said that i have found my personal style in my recent works. I wanted to say my thoughts above,but then I kept it in my heart.

I already had a vision and ideas for my graduation collection, what feeling I would want to portray in it, what would my photoshoot be like, what type of models will be walking in my clothes, the music to play along the fashion show. I won't tell you now but I think it suits my personal style. at least for now.

I am such a loser.

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round and round
Saturday, 29 November 2008
I CANNOT FIND A SINGLE PHOTO of your lip piercing anywhere in your facebook.
I'm stuck in my house, I wanna go mallhopping..huhuhuhu

Oh yeah btw Facehunter's coming to Jakarta
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Tuesday, 25 November 2008
YES EVERYONE I'M HOOOMEE!!! gue online di indo, di kamar yang dingin dan rapiiii*lirik kamar sg yang menjijikkan*
LIBUR TLAH TIBBAAhiahiahiahiahaihaiahi
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for the sake of..
Monday, 24 November 2008
So I joined this little competition, to modify the all-time classic chuck taylor hi-top, basing our inspiration of music. HAHA that is my cup of tea HELLOOO, all these times my designs are mostly music-inspired. Anyway when I asked Han Lim for the form then he said like EH ACTUALLY THIS IS FOR YEAR 1 ONLY..then I was like WHAT??! HOW CAN YOU RESTRICT INI LOMBA BUAT UMUM SEMUA ANK NAFA BOLE GABUNG KATA BROSURNYA tingtoongg

And I've always had this thing for punk..
I submitted 3 designs and 2 got in HAHAHA yes Lisa emg kita kereeennn haewhhieaw

So I HOPE I WIINNN*fingers crossed* I like the outcome so muuch aih
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pluck, ghost stories, phobias and friends
Wednesday, 19 November 2008

HAHA it's been so long since the last time I hung out with friends and gossipchat randomly..haha it was raining and we were in a cozy cafe in Haji Lane. As Hussein said "Savour this moment guys,after school starts we won't have time for something like this anymore.."
I PUT OUR UGLY PHOTOS HEREEE but not the ugliest haha the ugliest r in fb..

i got cropped :(

Yeah..it started to smell like it's holiday~
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Oh no the worst possible thing came true
Tuesday, 18 November 2008
Now that we're all grown ups, I think we all should behave. I am not the bad guy, so I shouldn't look like one. Now that everyone has seen you without your mask, what would you do?

And the good ones seemed bad at the beginning, it also goes all the way around.
I want to be good from the start until the end, now what should I do?

IWANNAGOHOME*i refer to the ULTRACUTEFURNITURESHOP and my heart's current desire*
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Sunday, 16 November 2008
haha and NO i'm not fangirling about a Korean boyband although Ameera has poisoned me to like them since several weeks ago haha
Gue potong poni subuh-subuh JAM 3 PAGI BOK iseng banget sih, gue emang dari kemaren udah bosensensensen sama rambut gue jadinya dgn berbekal gunting sekolah yang notabene beli di daiso, terproduksilah poni baruu

I look scary,somehow like a ghost :)), my baby nephew even cried whenever he saw me yesterday at my cousin's house. I take it as a compliment because I LIKE IT. hahahahaheuawuehaue

I'll go to Haji Lane, Ann Siang Rd, and Orchard today..IN SEARCH OF THE DREAM BOOTS hahahahaha kayaknya baru kemaren gue ngepost tentang pembelian underground uk putih itu ya? SEBODOOO gue sekarang lagi dilemma mau beli ankle boots ato doc marts lancip UIH SEKSINYAAOO mana tahan RAWRR..
Get back to you soon, gue beli yang mana ya?
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Thursday, 13 November 2008

omg omg omg I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! now can someone tell me how to get a fake id? hahaha
by the way i bought a sewing machine at spotlight, it was on sale from 289 becomes 199 HEHEHE WHAT A STEAL i think i'll make clothes for myself this holiday, i expect to come up with at least 5 garments hahaha

DBSK'S WRONG NUMBER HELP HELP HELP Yunho's steamy bathtub HAHA the only word that came up to my brain was R.A.P.E hahaha TURUNIN HANDUKNYAA PLOROTTTT!!!

by the way we did a little photoshoot for our textile printing products hahaa fun group project! inspired by Happy Tree Friends yes cute and deadly call us petitpéché(small sin in French)

THANKS TO Cheryl(model),Raisa(photographer),Jan and me(editing hehe)
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harusnya gue sekarang nyetrika draping piece
Monday, 3 November 2008
LISA HUSSEIN JAN please watch and drool like what i'm doing now dan gue repeat terus PARAH hahahahaha
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Thursday, 23 October 2008
SORI bgt gue uda lama ga ngisi blog haha MAMPUS2AN INI tugas menggunung dan lain2, gue jg sempet kecelakaan*ga mau cerita tp itu ntar aib gue bisa ga kawin2* dan sampe bolos 1 minggu..anyway..life goes on and so will our freaking assessment ARGH.
Karena itu ntar ngeblognya lanjut abis assessment aja ya, OHIYA setelah assessment KE AERINS DONG ayo makan creme brulee~ menyambut ANTIQUE BAKERY yg bakal release juga HOHOHOHHOHO...*jawil kimjaewook*

Hahaha I'm damn happy that now I can sew a tailored vest/jacket HOHOHO berguna itu buat bikin2 baju sendiri HAUEAHUE
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BOYBOYBOY I found a new toooy~ hahaha
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
(yg kanan lho YG KANANN!!!)

KIM JAE WOOK=HOTNESS dan akan main di felem sensasional tahun ini Antique Bakery HIHIU

OCTOBER=YAOI MONNNTH!!! Junjou Romantica ada episode baru terus si felem Antique ini keluar jg AHHAHAHAUEHAUE
THANKS A LOOTT to Clarisse yang kasi gue linknya HAHAHA I LOVE YOU BEIBEHH!!!

GINI DONGGG TIAP BULAAN gue jadi awet muda ahhahaha

KIM JAE WOOK*nyebut lagi* cinta guaaaa, dinobatkan sbg
adik miyavi yang hilang~

*hahah gue gabisa ngetik blog inggris trll ga santai otak gue kram dan pusing liat trailernya yg indah menawan*

trus dipairingin sama kim jae wook si cantik pula HIHIHIHI

CUANTEEEEKKKKK AAAAAARGHHHH*ulang trailernya sekali lagi*

>>pics taken from http://reikanorakuen.files.wordpress.com/

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1 year of nothing..
Sunday, 28 September 2008
ARGH I met the long-lost-skinhead yesterday..It has been a year or so, at least I know that he's still alive and not deported to China or something HAHAHA.
But there's nothing I could do, the hiphop dance competition started, then he's gone with the wind. AGAIN, vanished like smoke. Selamanya aja ilang ya?

I feel like I'm in a miserable Japanese drama, nunggu terus sampe akhirnya mati mimisan satu mug. Terus lagu ending yg ballad2 gitu main jadi bekgron, layar item.

You know what? That lip piercing still turned me on :(
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i have to confess
Saturday, 20 September 2008

I LOVE Foresythe Pendleton Jones III! Okay okay it's Jughead haha..

I wonder why girls in Riverdale High don't like him,because to me he's the hottie..hahahaha

Betty and Veronica, I pity you guys..ARCHIE KALAH HOT JAUH LAH SAMA JUGGIE!!! haeo
He's a woman-hater and I want him to be gay in my own version of Archie comics. HIAHEHAU

I went to BILLY BOMBER for a dinner with my cousins today and I felt like I was in Pop's Diner hahaha POP THE USUAL PLEASE!
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i think i can transfer to fine art major
Friday, 19 September 2008
I went to my last meeting with the crew, and I've got nothing to do. So I drew Amos who was sitting right in front of me. The room was dark so I couldn't really see my lines, take it as a blind drawing,hehe.
I think Mr Lee saw it hahaha SORRY FOR NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR PRESENTATION but Lisa took down the important notes anyway..


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in my spare time
Thursday, 18 September 2008

A gift for my 2 hilarious friends!
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what the fuck?!
Wednesday, 17 September 2008
AHHAHAHA gue agak ahli nujum

ini GILES S/S 2009 bikin collection yg temanya PACMAN juga kayak 8-BIT gue S/S 2008 hahahahaha..dear 8 bit, gue udah enekkk..GILES GUE CINTA ELU TP GUE DULUAN SORI MENNN

Siluetnya agak mirip tapi gue lebih over hahaha

Warnanya ga sejrengki gue krn colour palette gue dr RUBIK'S CUBE yg jg dr 80s, bedanya Giles Deacon pake Pop Art dll..lu sih ga hrs bkn research ga guna kyk gue sama *** *** jadinya santai2 aja pilih pop art..hu
Sejujurnya gue agak KECEWA sama Giles Deacon season ini, biasanya kan keren, ini biasa aja ah..

Taken from:www.style.com

>>>pssstt the blouse on the last pic IS DAMN SIMILAR TO MY DESIGN haeo..boxy fit with weird big sleeves HUHU MAMA..

LONDON, September 16, 2008
By Sarah Mower

Is Giles Deacon getting a bit sensible? Put aside the giant pink Pac-Man figure squatting at the end of the runway for a minute—what he actually sent out was not one of his excursions into extreme whimsy but a collection of sheath dresses, the shape that's currently winning the popular vote among grown-up women everywhere.

Of course, this being Deacon, you wouldn't expect them to be delivered straight up and down without any tweaks of craftsmanship—or without skewering some insider pop culture references. Deacon declared those afterward. "I was just looking at the graphic designers of the late eighties and early nineties who I grew up admiring: Ben Kelly, Peter Saville, Mark Farrow. Pet Shop Boys videos, The Hacienda club. What they did was ridiculously simple but incredibly graphic."

Pac-Man (the precursor of every modern computer game) dates from the same sort of vintage.True enough, there were prints (giant allover camouflages and smudged polka dots), but Deacon kept them mostly to trimmings, or removed them altogether in a series of solid-color double-knit jersey dresses. And he endeared himself to his potential customers by using a broadened age group of models, including Emma Balfour, Elise Crombez, Liberty Ross, and Christina Kruse.

He even popped in western shirts and a single pair of jeans, coming out soon as a collaboration with Lee Cooper.

I like(d?) Giles Deacon and we end up doing the same thingy..

ALSO for PHILIP LIM's zipper trim trend..

I DID IT FOR MY GLAM ROCK-Rockgraphika anjrot..Ntar gue post klo tugasnya uda dibalikin gurunya
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I'm there on the NAFA testimonial section in Yahoo! education link~


I hate it, I sound really cheesy.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A week ago I found a dress that is hanging on the "unwanted" section of a shop. OMG APAAN TUH KOK KEREN2 DIBUANG?
Dress boxy navy blue ada on-seam pocketnya, turtle neck gitu terus SLEEVENYA BIKIN JATUH CINTA~
gue re-hem itu agak kepanjangan sbnrnya, yg di foto sih uda pendek..

silhouettenya mirip collection 8 bit gue taun lalu hahaha

Tebak berapa harganya?!

10 dolar.

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I'm thinking about changing the layout of my blog..
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Monday, 15 September 2008

SHIRLEY MANSON's hairstyle in Androgyny music video(pas pake leather dress yg pendek poni sedagu itu)..
pengen ah~ MAMA BOLEH YA?!
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